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Asian American Civic Alliance (AACA-NYC) is a 501(c)(3) Community League NGO


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AACA-NYC is a community based civic organization dedicated to Preserving civil liberty and citizen responsibility for Asian American communities. Advocating issues and policies that affected the social welfare and well-being of the Asian American communities. Promoting Asian Americans’ civic engagement at all levels, and taking civic responsibilities for the benefit of everyone in the communities.

Connecting community activists on important social issues, and giving voice to their personal journeys to become inspiring agents of change. Building an online family to share information and support, while reducing language barriers, bridging cultural differences, and promoting community integration.

Preserving civil liberty and citizen responsibility

Educating immigrant community about citizen's civil liberty and responsibility by providing free citizenship class and public seminars.

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Promoting Asian Americans' civic engagement

By promoting community group participation on civic engagement at city, state and federal levels.

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Advocating social welfare issues and public policies

Partnered with community allies and professionals to advocate on important social welfare issues and public polices that affected the well-being of the Asian American immigrant communities.

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Networking immigrant communities

Connecting immigrant communities through social media, social events, public workshops and local civic engagement.

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We are Committed To Asian Americans Empowerment
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A Columbia graduated healthcare professional, a skilled and passionate community advocate and dedicated community organizer, Dr. Corinne Chen has provided capacity building, technical guidance and network enhancement to community-based organizations and providers serving Asian Americans in the greater New York area. Both mainstream and Asian media outlets have featured Dr. Corinne Chen’s efforts and highlighted her dedication to bridge immigrant communities gap and cultural disparities related to language and cultural barriers.  

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Corinne Chen Ph.D

Founder and President of Asian American Civic Alliance – NYC

"We are working very hard to achieve our goal".
We are working at almost twice the capacity, and we are still pushing to our limit.
You Believe, We Can
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Why are we better than our peers?


We collaborate with policy makers, community organizations, civic activists, and other peer institutions at all levels


We are a winning team that has been working to empower Asian American Immigrant communities since 2020


We have built up our unparalleled reputation by keeping committing to the services no one else can provide


We are well connected with a broad network of community-based organizations over 100 locations.


Our volunteers will get connected within 2 days, and start right way serving the community


Our customers are happy with our services since day one, and they keep coming back